Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Do You Think About This Madness?

What Do You Think About This Madness?

Mighty USA is chickening out in favor of Chinese money and power. Now USA is slowly abandoning Dali Lama. Now Dali got only hope and that hope is India.

To make the situation exciting, the Russians are providing arms to Taliban and Al-Qaida to settle their old scores with USA. Even, the Chinese are also providing arms to Taliban and Al-Qaida to keep USA busy so that America won't bother China too much!

Poor Pakistani Generals are arresting moderate Taliban and Al-Qaida who are trying to make a deal with America.

Really madness all around!

Add a bit of spice with Pakistani chili and the madness goes further!

The officials are incapable of producing the real picture of Osama bin Laden! They doctored a picture of a Spanish politician to make it look like Osama bin Laden!!

Oh which judge, jury and court of law found Osama guilty of any crime let alone terrorism?

Where is the notion of justice and presumption on innocence?

By the way, wasn’t he the blue eyed, blond haired CIA boy who was created by Pakistani ISA for FBI?

Why the hell Bush and neo-cons grounded all flights expert Bin Laden family flights to give them a safe passage?

Is it true that Laden and Bush share the same penthouse?

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