Friday, April 30, 2010

DREFTZN Theory of Faruque Ahmed

DREFTZN Theory of Faruque Ahmed

The rise of the so called anti-Semitism is directly proportional tot he exposure of Nazi Zionist war crimes and genocides committed bythe Israelites of our time in the longest running concentration camp with a stamp of infinity i.e. the occupied Palestine and elsewhere.

Devil Run Evil Empire For The Zio-Nazis = DREFTZN = America

This country is run by the devils and they are evils. The multinational corporations control them directly and indirectly.

Most of the multinationals and other instrumentalities are generally controlled by the Israelites of our time directly or indirectly.These Israelites do not care about the people of USA or country in general. They have been using America as a launching pad of their world domination as inspired by the Protocol of Zion. Their ultimate loyalty lies with the Nazi Zionist Israel and dirty profit. Even many good Jews are the victims of this flaw of monumental proportion! That's why the Americans are fighting and dying for them, while earning hate on a daily basis and around the globe.

Free America Now

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