Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Do You Think About The Greatness of USA?

What Do You Think About The Greatness of USA?

The Israelis are good at murdering unarmed women and children in their mother’s cradle, backyards and schoolyards with the assistance of democratic USA and humanitarian weapons donated by the good government of America!

To make it exciting, the good and kind government of USA is patrolling the world and ensuring everyone remained unarmed and they are also instructing the UNO to do everything within their power including outside their power!!

They are doing these, So that Israel can bomb anyone and everyone from North Korea and North Africa.

That’s why they are making decisions against the “infidel” Iran and kissing Israeli “kosher” boots.

They are doing this because the greatness of USA depends on the pleasure of Israel and their crime spree against justice, humanity, fairness, decency and all other cherished values known to mankind!

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